Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tapia Professional Development Workshops?

Tapia Professional Development Workshops are a 6-day/5-night residential workshop at Rice University that provide all K-12 educators with the knowledge needed to develop and evaluate real Project-Based Learning (PBL) products for their own use. Participants live on the Rice University campus and collaborate with other educators and leaders, learn to integrate standards into PBL, interact with Rice University faculty, and earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours. The workshop is hosted by the Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity in Education.


What makes Tapia Workshops special?

Educators interact with Rice University professors and collaborate with their fellow educators on projects. The workshop informs participants on how to integrate a variety of content (e.g., TEKS with English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with English Language Development (ELD)) and how to incorporate basic assessment and feedback. By the end of the week, educators are able to view real world issues and understand the methods used to address problems.


What topics are covered?

Educators complete a PBL project as a student, learn the foundations of PBL, and create a PBL project for their classroom!

The workshop also includes topics like; PBL Launch; Public Products; Evaluation and Assessment in PBL; Standards and PBL.


Is the workshop in-person or virtual?

2022 Tapia Professional Development Workshops are in-person. The program requires educators to live in Rice University dorms. The Tapia Center will be following all COVID-19 protocols as mandated by the university. We will be sending any updates about our specific workshop policies as they come up. To learn more about the Rice University's COVID-19 response, please visit


Can an educator commute to Rice University instead of staying in the dorms?

Educators are required to live on campus for the duration of the program. Staying in the dorms with the rest of their groups helps to immerse participants in the experience.


What is the living situation like?

Participants will live in the Rice University dorms in single rooms.


Are there different schedules/programs for different educational/subject groups?

All educators are welcome at the Tapia PD Workshop! Our program allows for educators to apply what they learn about PBL to their own subjects. Past attendees have included first year teachers, 20+ year teachers, PK-12 teachers, librarians, and all-level administrators.


Where does the workshop take place?

Tapia Professional Development Workshops take place on the Rice University campus in Houston, TX. Educators live in the dormitories and spend their instruction time in the buildings on campus.


Does the workshop provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours?

Yes, educators that complete the camp will earn 37 CPE hours. The Tapia Center is certified by the Texas Education Agency under CPE #101-513.


What is the cost of the camp?

The program is $1300 for the entire 6-day/5-night workshop. The price includes meals, materials, and housing.


Are there any scholarships/financial aid available?

The Tapia Center works with various sponsors and organizations to provide the Tapia PD Workshop experience to all educators interested in PBL. Please check our website for updates about the scholarship process.