Top Three

I liked the group activities, the food, the field trip, and working on the visual presentations.

-Joelle M. San Antonio ISD

The Top 3 Tapia Camp challenges the top 3 ranked incoming High School seniors to unite and expand by engaging in leadership activities, hands-on projects, camp activities and field trips, and by collaborating with Rice University Graduate students, world-renowned professors and corporate partners.

Top 3 Camp

July 5-10th

You must submit a letter of confirmation that you are ranked one of the top 3 of your rising senior class

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Come and meet others like yourself, and

• develop strategies that will further enhance your academic and professional careers

• challenge yourself in problem-solving activities with an emphasis in STEM

• produce and present scholarly information using a variety of informal and formal formats

Click to see one of the Top 3 2019 participants from San Antonio ISD presenting to the educators in her school district!

I got the chance to explore the University and get closer to students in my group from my school, that I hadn't really talked to before that. I also absolutely loved one of the workers that encouraged me to go to the University I am now attending. Presenting my project in front of an audience like that helped me improve a lot and I've become a lot more comfortable talking in front of crowds.

-Anoka A. Hayes ISD

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