Tapia-MolSSI presents

MolSSI Workshop in Computational Chemistry June 18-23, 2023

The Tapia Center is hosting a residential Tapia-MolSSI Workshop in Computational Chemistry (June 18-23, 2023) at Rice University, Houston, Texas. 

This a workshop open to all undergraduate students majoring in chemistry-related fields. Preference will be given to underrepresented, low-income sophomores and juniors. The workshop focuses on scientific programming skills and applications in computational chemistry that will enhance the students’ opportunity to land an undergraduate research experience, job, or internship in computational chemistry. No prior programming experience is required.

The workshop will be led by:

       -  Professor Ashley McDonald, California Polytechnic State University     

       -  Dr. Jessica Nash, MolSSI Software Scientist

       - Dr. Victor Chavez, OpenEye Scientific Software Developer

Enhancement Speakers:

  • Professor Richard Tapia of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University, and 2011 Medal of Science Recipient
  • Professor Andres Cisneros of Chemistry, University of North Texas
  • Professor Sara Mason of Chemistry, University of Iowa
  • Professor Angel Marti of Chemistry, Bioengineering, and MSNE, Rice University

Sign up: https://bit.ly/2023MolSSITapia

2023 NSF MolSSI Workshop