Training the Next Generation

Instructors & Guest Speakers

Workshop Instructors

  • Prof. Ashley Ringer McDonald – Prof. McDonald is an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at California Polytechnic State University. She is a member of the MERCURY consortium and a MolSSI associate.
  • Dr. Jessica Nash – Dr. Nash is a software scientist and the education lead at MolSSI.
  • Prof. Jay Foley – Prof. Foley is an assistant professor of chemistry at William Paterson University. He is one of 24 scientists nationwide to receive the 2019 Cottrell Scholar Award.

Guest Speakers

  • Prof. Richard Tapia – Prof. Tapia is a mathematician and professor in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University. He is recognized as a national leader in diversity, education, and outreach, and was the 2011 Medal of Science Recipient.
  • Prof. Chris Cramer – Prof. Cramer is a professor of chemistry and the Vice President for Research at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of the textbook “Essentials of Computational Chemistry” and hosts a very popular YouTube channel featuring videos about quantum chemistry and academic skills.
  • Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez – Prof. Hernandez is a professor of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University a member of the American Chemical Society Board of Directors. He is the Director of the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity (OXIDE).
  • Prof. Angel Marti. Prof. Marti is an associate professor of chemistry, materials science, and nanoengineering at Rice University. His research focuses on using inorganic chemistry, photochemistry, spectroscopic and molecular biology techniques to study problems in chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, nanotechnology and medicine.